JCG B2C Marketing

Consulting & Services for Online B2C Ventures

The majority of small or medium-sized enterprise, SMEs, have little awareness of how Internet Marketing strategies, tactics and supporting technologies can be deployed effectively to increase sales in B2C environments.

JCG has more than 15 years of Internet Marketing experience; this can be used to advise clients or to manage “Done For You” services for clients.

Typical outcomes are:-

Website design for the majority of SMEs is typically based on design principles that do not reflect business-winning principles.

ECommerce strategies and tactics are poorly understood and deployed by the majority of SMEs.

The many online advertising opportunities that exist are largely unknown to SMEs, the skills needed are absent from most SMEs and the paramaters and criteria associated with outsourcing these services are absent from most SMEs.

There are major Joint Venture opportunities available for SMEs to increase sales and profits; again, most such organizations are ignorant of the opportunities and how to capitalize on them.