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Theory of Constraints Education, Coaching, Implementation & Consulting

Theory of Constraints is a performance improvement technology that has been implemented world-wide since 1978, and is characterized by a Focus and Leverage that typically provides fast, direct and often massive performance improvements.

TOC is applicable to any organization.

Steve Jackson, the Principal of Jackson Constraints Group Inc (JCG Inc) is a specialist in applying TOC to small to mid-size manufacturing organizations where typical outcomes are:

  • On-time delivery (make to order or ship from stock) to 98% and better.
  • Lead times reduced 70% to 90%.
  • WIP inventory reduced 50% to 90%.
  • Finished Goods inventories — if applicable — reduced 25% to 75%.
  • Operating expenses significantly reduced (scrap, overtime, expediting).
  • Expediting chaos significantly reduced.
  • Production increased 20%, often 30%, occasionally 40% from (essentially) same people and equipment.

For a small or medium-sized enterprise, SME. the impact is typically an order-of-magnitude increase in Profitability and ROI.

The implementation approach is characterized by gaining an extensive buy-in to the TOC principles, deep and broad, and a customized detailed implementation plan created by the resources in the company.

However, JCG’s approach recognizes that in SMEs resources are frequently stretched to capacity (and beyond) even before the implementation project is added to the workload; so the implementation approach reflects a high degree of “done for you” when necessary.

Occasionally, TOC-dedicated software is useful; occasionally it is essential. Software is available that is priced affordably to SMEs.

Steve Jackson worked with TOC founder Eli Goldratt for 6 years commencing 1988 then again, at Dr. Goldratt’s request, almost a decade later. He was one of the team who worked with Dr. Goldratt to develop, document, and teach the “TOC Thinking processes;” and worked with Dr. Goldratt’s organization as TOC expanded from a Production solution to encompass Throughput Accounting, Distribution and Supply Chain Management, Critical Chain Project Management, Sales, marketing, and “Strategy & Tactics” planning and deployment.